Review: Really Right Stuff BXPro1 L-plate and grip for Fujifilm X-Pro 1


This review is for the Really Right Stuff (RRS) BXPro-1 L-plate with grip for the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 camera. Really Right Stuff is a manufacturer of high quality mounting solutions for all kinds of photographic needs and this is one of their new releases to cater for the needs of X-Pro 1 owners.

This particular product is a modular system consisting of three components: the base plate, the secondary “L-plate” and the hand grip. Each component can be purchased separately or in a bundle. The purpose of the “L-plate” is to allow mounting of the camera in either the portrait or landscape orientation without having to flop the tripod’s head on its side. This maintains the center of gravity as close to the central axis of the tripod as possible, as well as being far more convenient in the field. This modular system allows you to add or remove any components to suit your needs.

Build quality

The build quality of this L-plate is what everyone is already come to expect from RRS, it is very high quality. The matte finish is smooth and all printed markings are very clear to read. There are no sharp edges. There is absolutely no play or movement in any of the parts. The hand grip’s finger grove is deep and comfortable to hold. The grip is quite reminiscent of the ergonomics on large professional level digital SLR’s. The hand grip does improve the handling of the X-Pro 1 significantly. This is especially true when you are fiddling with many controls.

On the camera

One drawback of L-plates is always increased bulk, which is particularly true for large professional digital SLR’s such as the Canon 1-series (having used both the standard plate and L-plate for my 1Ds mark II). Increased bulk is of even greater concern for a camera that is small and sleek like the X-Pro 1. In total, the L-plate system with grip adds 167 grams to the overall weight of the camera. This represents an 26% increase over the X-Pro1 + 35 f/1.4mm lens’ 637 g weight. The X-Pro 1 is a light camera and this weight increase actually stabilizes the whole system. The camera sits nice and upright with the plate on.

Base plate L component Hand grip Together
Weight (gram) 64 28 72 167

The BXPro-1 does not block access to any of the ports or doors on the X-Pro 1. Accessing the battery and SD card requires slightly more precision than without the plate on. The plate also adds extra threaded screw holes both on the base plate and also on the L component. The extra accessory screw hole on the base plate is in line with the axis of the lens. The center points of the camera in both orientation are also clearly marked on the plate (greek letter phi looking symbol).


Overall, it is an excellent product if you wish to use the Arca Swiss style of quick release for your tripod. However, even if you never use a tripod, I would still highly recommend this just for the grip alone.


  • Good quality, well thought out.
  • Camera can now be mounted on tripod head with the lens axis aligned.
  • Good balance of weight in hand.
  • Stabilizes the camera.
  • Hand grip comfort is excellent.


  • A little on the expensive side when compared to generic tripod plates. However, when compared to Fuji’s official offering for a hand grip, the price is comparable, yet the BXPro-1 is more practical.
  • Adds a bit of weight to the camera (depending on your point of view, this can also be a pro).
  • In cold environments, the hand grip will become quite cold over time. This could be solved by covering the grip with some sort of material.




Conflict of interest declaration: I have no affiliation with Really Right Stuff or any of its subsidiaries. The product review here was purchased at full retail price for my personal use.